Art Yoga

The Art yoga is a visual inner way, it makes conscious the sight and the interpretation of the pictures. It is not only about art-works, all my visual movement will be changed by Art Yoga. It connect us with spiritual world. The first very important part to learn the right sight, correctly interpret the visuals. Everyone think he is good with this, because we can’t compere each other’s awareness of sight.

The Art Yoga is a special combination of art and yoga. The art is different in the Hindu aesthetic than in the European. The philosophy and the life existence is interweaves with arts of the oriental conception. The art works are the part of our life, it is one of the way how we can  learn or understand our world. Yoga can be one method for it. Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. It is a union of limited and Unlimited.

I lived in India for a nearly four years and could meet with artists not only in the exhibitions rooms, but in their own studios.We could discuss a lot of subjects and even worked together. I have seen the work method of the traditional artists and the modern artists, as well, and it is a big different in India, both of them the part of the visual art, but in a very dissimilar way

If we are speaking about art, the main question is how we can do art works and why we are doing  it. The art is a path to understand our world, mostly nonverbal way. The classical oriental art, similarly to other ancient art before the Greek-Rome period, represents the constant, the immortal world not the superficial, short-lived, partial truths. They are speaking about the eternity, values, they will show us the deep reality of our life. They can open a door to show up what happiness means, what divine presence means, what divine love means.  It is the aim of valuable art, to create this perfect harmony, where the  divine presence will be reality. This presence will give an unforgettable happiness for the audience and visitors also. It will be the root seed to guide people to get back this condition, but we need feel it at once, just let us know, what we are looking for.